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We are currently working on a custom MTU size interface for every
device to be able to handle whatever you want for MTU size.

We no longer include proxy arp support in V3.  It was fine for the
customer end but too many people misused it for a middle bridge and
that gave nothing but trouble.  V3 has support for a fully transparent
client bridge when it talks to an appropriately configured V3 AP


We've been using staros for a while and just began using the WAR
boards recently but I didn't realize this behaviour had changed. We
put the WAR boards between two Cisco routers and we had to use VDS to
get true bridging working between them.

If there's another way to do it I'd like to know so to reduce the
overhead of VDS. What exactly is a an "appropriately configured V3
AP?" We've always just bridged the ethernet to the wpci on both sides
of the link.

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