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Wireless Technology Summit – Dharamsala 2006

The Tibetan Technology Center (TibTec) will host the AirJaldi Summit on wireless technologies in Dharamsala, India in October 2006. TibTec has partnered with the Djursland International Institute of Rural Wireless Broadband (DIIRWB) and will join the World Summits on Free Information Infrastructure (WSFII) to deliver a conference and extended wireless training workshops in October. The conference will be held from October 22nd through 25th in Dharamsala, India. The training workshops will span a ten period directly after the conference. The theme of the summit is “Empowering Communities Through Wireless Networks”.

The Air Jaldi Summit will attract wireless technology experts and community activists from India, Europe, North America, Israel, and Australia. A list of confirmed presenters can be found on the AirJaldi Web site under the “Program” link. The organizers are also pleased to announce confirmation of three distinguished keynote speakers: Dr. Roger Downer (Ireland), President Emeritus of the University of Limerick; Mr. David Hughes (USA), longtime champion of wireless technologies; and, Mr. Vic Hayes (Netherlands), the “father” of WiFi.

The Air Jaldi Summit comes in direct response to international interest in the Dharamsala Community Wireless Mesh Network. It was developed in cooperation with the Dharamsala Information Technology Group, an organization chaired by the Tibetan Computer Resource Center and some of the region’s leading information technology professionals. The Mesh backbone includes over 30 nodes , all sharing a single radio channel. Broadband Internet services are provided to all mesh members. The total upstream Internet bandwidth available is 6Mbps. There are over 2000 computers connected to the Mesh, and about 500 have Internet access.

Air Jaldi Summit Website

About The Tibetan Technology Center (TibTec)

The Tibetan Technology Center is a charitable organization dedicated to harnessing modern technology and assisting the Tibetan community in India. The center is located at the Tibetan Children's Villages School (TCV) which hosts and supports it. TibTec’s first project is the Dharamsala Community Wireless Mesh Network.

About Djursland International Institute of Rural Wireless Broadband (DIIRWB)

Djursland International Institute of Rural Wireless Broadband is dedicated to the establishment of wireless networks, both for rural landscapes but also for towns all over the world. Using the experiences gained in building and establishing The

About the World Summits on Free Information Infrastructure (WSFII)

WSFII, is an ongoing international process of multiple, local action oriented events which provide space for people to come together, to share experiences, present practical solutions, to learn and to build, all kinds of Free Information Infrastructures.

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