Yes, you can upgrade the AP firmware and everything will still work fine. And there is no need to change the SU number either. We have many older 5800SU's attached to upgraded 5830AP's with no problems (all with SU numbers less than 500).


Tom DeReggi wrote:

In order to support ARQ and M5580 SUs, the Trango 5830AP must be upgraded to the newest Firmware v2.0r2. It states in the Firmware tech notes, that it support sellecting which CPEs are ARQ enabled by setting its SUID. 1-500 = ARQ CPE, 501-8190 no-ARQ. However, I have an exusting 5800 SU on the sector which already has an SUID under 500, and 5800 SUs do not support ARQ. My understanding is that ARQ feature effects both sending from AP and sending from SU, which is why ARQ needs to be enabled and disabled per SU on both AP and SU. My understanding is that 5800SUs can only have their SUID changed from onsite over the Ethernet port.

So what happens, if I upgrade my 5830AP firmware, and leave the 5800SU in the unsupported state on SUID 10 (under 500)? Will it work OK? (Of course I know ARQ is unsupported on 5800, so ARQ feature won't exist on SU side). Can I do my radio upgrades tonight, and get around to changing the 5800 SUID at a later date?

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