In the end I feel routed is better because you grow, a bridged network will get loud (lots of overhead traffic).


You manage the CPE in a routed network just as you do now. What maybe you see is the difference between true routes and NAT routes. With true routes there is a path to and from each subnet. You can easily get to the web interface of each CPE in a properly routed network. A NAT router hides the network behind the “WAN” address whether its private or public and all traffic coming from the NAT subnet appears as if its coming from the “WAN” address. Tranzeo APs, last time I tried, will not do true routing only NAT routing.


I also like the idea of one to one NATing the Public IP to the private ip of the customer.


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Ok, this may be a simple question, but I'm trying to figure the best way to do this.  My wireless network is currently all bridged with three different POP's (all statically assigned private IP's).  I'm getting requests for public IP addresses and as I add more clients, I feel like I'm really going to need to have a routed network.


My biggest question is, how do you manage your CPE remotely in a routed network?  Right now I'm pretty much 90% Tranzeo gear (mixture of CPE-15's and CPQ gear).  If a customer calls with performance or other problems, I'm able to log into their CPE from here to see what's going on from that end.  I would much rather maintain that ability but not sure how to do that with a routed network. 


Also, I would ideally like to have a public IP assigned to each CPE.  The double NAT'ing I've got going right now has been causing a few issues, plus, I'm getting more business customers that want VPN and Remote Access to their network. 


I realize this will take subnetting to make it happen.  I've got a /24 right now and can easily bump to more when needed. 


How are the rest of you handling your setups like this? 


Thanks in advance!


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