We now receive about one supeona per month for information from federal and state agencies. The last one was a guy in his 30's trying to setup a "meeting" with a 13 year old girl. I was able to provide the information because we log all of that already. It's hard to go back and get traffic info if the offense was 3 weeks prior. (The guy confessed once the sheriff showed up at his house, BTW).


Scott Reed wrote:
I don't know that I can even do that much, but I agree, it is not for me to fund data collection for the government. If they want data collected, I can make a switch port available and charge them co-location fees to house a system they provide.  As long as there is a law or court order, I have no problem with that.  Otherwise, the data collected will get thrown out of many courts anyway.  No probably cause to be watching.

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> IMHO, this is real simple......
> If you give me an IP, in near real-time or for a few months after, I can
> give you a user name and address, unless it was a free, public access
> use at one of our hotspots, in which case you are SOL.  If it is 6
> months ago or longer, if the user is still a customer, I can give you a
> name and address.  If they have terminated service and paid their bill
> in full, you are again SOL.
> Beyond that, I can't tell you anything.    I do not track where my users
> go or what they do or who they IM to, or who they email.  It is none of
> my business and I resent the .gov trying to make me an unpaid cop.  If
> the .gov wants this data, they can pay for it...  and the equipment....
> and the data storage... and the bandwidth.... and my time....
> The only thing we track is virus and spam traffic.  And that only for
> defending network integrity.  Those logs die if not looked at in 24-48
> hours....
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