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I have been hearing reports about problems at the various muni wireless network deployments. More recently, I have heard a number of local hams have been contacted by recruiters looking for help with problem muni wireless networks. Has anyone on the list been contacted?

I have not been contacted and really have never heard what you are talking about. Can you tell us more about what you are seeing and who is reporting this?

Seems like local WISPs may be best suited to help, but also likely the least willing to help.

I can agree with the "most suited" statement. I have no idea why a WISP would turn down a chance to be part of a muni project. In my home town the only muni project is my company's effort and we work well with the city government. Turning away from that chance is turning down free access to money, tower space and opportunity.

I know I am having hard time even getting folks to pay attention to us in regard to the Atlanta RFP.

I do not know what the Atlanta RFP is. Who is involved? What is this opportunity? Who is ignoring you? I am sure others want to learn more about this too.


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