The core issue all these mesh networks is they were not built with proper
density which by our calculations for a network the size of mountain view
would be about 45 nodes per sq mile, instead of the 30-32 nodes per square
mile implemented. 




On 8/30/06 9:29 AM, "Patrick Leary" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Matt,
> We are on the same page, trust me. There has yet to be a solidly working
> civic access muni network. By solidly, I mean indoor coverage without
> forced buying of a secondary CPE. We have also yet to see a successfully
> scaled mesh network for low cost civic access. Philly and San Fran are
> still on paper only. These networks are able to provide good outdoor
> coverage only so far. That is also why we like playing the multipoint
> backhaul layer. We can reliably deliver that middle layer and get high
> connectivity for the mesh nodes, fixed cameras, traffic lights, a city
> buildings, but the success of the Wi-Fi layer is beyond our control and
> remains the questionable piece.
> Patrick
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> Patrick Leary wrote:
>> I agree that many WISPs have panned muni wi-fi instead of leveraging
>> their expertise. WISPs were arguably best positioned initially to
>> address this need. Smart VARs and resellers got busy though and
> whether
>> WISPs realize it, almost all the VARs that serve the WISP community
> now
>> have a muni engagement. It is just a business reality.
> And why shouldn't they? If you are radio vendor, reseller, or VAR muni
> Wi-Fi is a great thing. You get to sell a bunch radios and consulting
> time. It doesn't matter if the business plan makes sense or if the
> network even works long term. operators on the other hand have to be
> concerned about the long-term.
> Patrick,
> I bet your radios are doing great technically in the Mountain View
> deployment, but you stated you personally aren't able to use the Wi-Fi
> portion of the network. Does that make the network a failure from your
> perspective as a consumer?
> -Matt

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