I agree about the coverage, but on the serious side here's something that
may help you and some others. It sure helped me.
After the ATT Cingular combination, my phone never worked any better.
Dropped calls everywhere and areas of no signal where I knew there was a

After MANY conversations with their customer-no-service folks, I reached an
RF Engineer. He worked on the problem and told me somethng I didn't know.
The 32K SIM card in the Motorola phones- specifally the Triplets series
(V400, 551, 600 and kin) is too small to hold the combined database of all
the new sites.  He suggested I take the phone to a Cingular company store
(not dealer) and swap SIMs. It was free and with the new 64K SIM I have zero

I can't vouch for the other brands of phones but I know it has worked for
every Cingular Motorola I have done it on.

Also- The Motorolas do not update their over the air download until you
power cycle them. You need to cycle them daily.


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I laugh then cuss every time I hear that Cingular ad that claims they have
the fewest dropped calls.

I'd like to know what they call it when you can't connect in the first
place!  Even with full bars!


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