Did anyone offer their experiences on the SR9's as you asked below? Maybe I
missed them. :(

- Cliff

On 8/31/06 4:05 PM, "cw" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Is anyone getting satisfactory performance with SR9s on WAR boards? If so,
> what antennas are you using for base station and subscriber end?
> At an 1/8 of a mile through foliage and structures, a neg ninety two is rock
> solid moving 1500k/sec with a couple of coat hangers for antennas. At 1/4 of
> a mile with less of everything in the way, a neg eighty-five barely
> associates and drops packets with most antenna combinations we've tried.
> A Pac Wireless 8dBi omni on the base station was the worst. Small Pac
> Wireless sector panel to sector panel was the best performance. Yagi to omni
> was worse than disappointing. I'd appreciate any antenna suggestions.
> Thanks,
> cw
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