There definitely is a LMR-DB that is water tight. The “regular” LMR coax is just “water resistant” and you have done well to find your problem! I remember the first run of LMR I had to get moisture in it about 5 years ago - - - I pulled my hair out trying to figure that one out, but I was still wet behind my ears in wireless then too :)





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I have some runs of LMR 600 that are contained in carlon conduits.  We had been noticing continued performance decline in the remote APs connected to the APs.  I popped open the boxes at the end of each conduit and water came pouring out.  The contractor probably didn’t glue a connection properly or the blacktop contractor cracked it when he put the paving down.  There is no way to replace the conduit. This install has been in 3.5 years.  Not sure how long the water has been in the conduits, but it looks to be a good while.  Im assuming the cable has been compromised slightly over time- can water get through the jacket?

Is there such a thing as an underwater Ethernet cable, will silicone flooded do the trick?




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