Welcome aboard Harold - Very glad to see you here. Looking forward to
your participation.

Warm Regards,

JohnnyO !

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  I want to take a moment of your time to introduce you to Deliberant 
http://www.deliberant.com/. They are WISPA's newest Vendor Member. I 
spoke a few times with Harold Bledsoe of Deliberant and he is excited 
about the opportunities for his company to work with WISPA and all our 
members to help us promote and improve the WISP industry. I asked Harold

to send us all some introductory information about Deliberant and this 
is what he had to say:

Deliberant LLC, is one of the fastest growing wireless technology 
manufacturers and distributors in the world. Deliberant offers a 
complete line of dependable high-speed wireless equipment and 
accessories.  Headquartered in Atlanta, GA and serving WISPs in over 25 
countries, Deliberant has been providing WISPs with the proven 
technology and the expertise they need to stay ahead of the competition.

Deliberant offers a wide range of products that are focused on the WISP 
industry. These products range from accessories (such as surge 
protectors, pigtails, power adapters, etc.) to antennas to wireless 
indoor and outdoor radios. Deliberant also has recently added advanced 
software and VoIP products to its lineup in order to better serve the 
WISP market. Deliberant is constantly looking for new products to offer 
the WISP community and will continue to be on the cutting edge of 
technologies in order to ensure that customers have the very best on the


Deliberant owes its success to the commitment to provide the WISP 
industry with the highest quality and value in products and backing 
those products with exceptional customer support and business partner 

Harold Bledsoe

Deliberant LLC

800.742.9865 x205


http://www.deliberant.com <http://www.deliberant.com/>
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