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For those who can't psychically divine article content from URLs, the
article is about a service through which a few cable TV stations,
including Fox News (We report, we decide) and The Weather Channel, will
be available for $20 a month. Apparently AT&T is involved somehow, but
the article is a bit unclear as to who's doing what.

I don't really see how this is, per se, subsidizing AT&T. In this
instance, they're just offering a service that folks can choose to
subscribe to, or not, and that's pretty much it. They (presumably) offer
it on identical terms to both their DSL subscribers, and those who
subscribe to other ILECs' DSL packages, and cable, and WISP, and so on.

If NBC Universal offered a service where you could have episodes of
"Project Runway" and "Battlestar Galactica" streamed to your PC, would
we suddenly say we were subsidizing them? (Hey, if it keeps those shows
on the air a few more years, subsidize away ;)

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