You will need to route these links. Then it will work. The Tranzeos are NOT transparent bridges. They do support proxy arp but this breaks a bridge after multiple links. At least that has been my experience. Try routed links and I bet this all works for you.

Jason Hensley wrote:

I'm current setup with a tower at my NOC running Tranzeo 2.4, WDS with a Tranzeo 2.4 on a water tower about 1/2 mile away, and then a Tranzeo 5.8 backhaul from the water tower to a third POP about 8 miles away. No LOS from the NOC to the third POP. The backhaul from the water tower to 3rd tower is using TR-5a-24f's. Works great. 5a on the water tower is in AP mode, 5a on the other POP is a client. Now, I need to get rid of my WDS setup for obvious reasons. I can get good signal with another TR-5a at the NOC to the 5a on the water tower. But, I can't seem to get data to pass all the way from the third POP to the NOC. I'm guessing that the AP being in the middle is causing this, correct? Everything is bridged at this point. Can I make this work or am I going to have to put another backhaul unit on the WT for a link between the NOC and WT? Thanks!

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