130 output I wouldn't think is a problem, but I would think something is wrong at 170 at the outlet.  I know some UPSes will either go to battery or shutdonw before that.  I do not know the specs on power company voltage, but that is just too high.

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> We have an enclosure @ 400’ that is powered from the same circuit as tower lighting.  Its been acting a little strange lately, so we went up with a voltmeter to check the power.  The meter showed fluctuations from 140-170v AC at the outlet.  We tested at the back of the ups and have a steady 130v.  This powers a waverider CCU and a couple backhauls.  Im not an electrician, known enough to be dangerous.  Is the 130 enough to make my gear get squirrely?  The ups seems to be keeping the voltage steady at the backend. Im thinking of putting an isolation xformer in.
> Thanks
> Chris
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