Having received John Scrivner's specific approval, I offer the following

Dear WISPA members,

I wanted to drop you folks a note that Alvarion has challenged me to get
back to my roots, so to speak. I have asked to personally lead a renewed
focus on the WISP markets. Going forward, my energies will be full time
dedicated to this activity -- to you and your needs as operators and as
an industry. Over the past few years managing our North American
marketing team, I realized how much I missed daily interaction with
WISPs, especially meeting and getting to know you on your turf. The new
role has some wide accountability and will also allow me to again be an
active advocate for WISPs with the press, thought leaders and officials.

As part of this, we will be enacting some innovative new ideas that
among other interesting and useful benefits to help your WISP
operations, should have direct business model benefits for small WISPs.
Details will come a bit later.

I will put my 8 years worth of contacts to work and know that I look
forward to building on my existing relationships with many of you, as
well as making lots of new friends.

Finally, please feel free to e-mail me directly with ideas about how I
can help, constructive criticism, etc. regardless of whether or not you
are an Alvarion-based operator. 


Patrick Leary
AVP WISP Markets
Alvarion, Inc.
o: 650.314.2628
c: 760.580.0080
Vonage: 650.641.1243

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