Let the games begin.

Here is a classic example of a trap that any wisp can step into.
If you read the article, it says that the city is losing it's patience with the wisp and wanting to give some of the business away to earthlink, etc. Seems like they are asking for a lot , giving away free and low priced wireless to some areas and demanding service coverage through out. At first glance it sounds like the wisp i question is somehow deficient in it's actions.
But then at the end of the article it says:
Midwest Fiber signed a contract with the city on June 30, but the city has apparently declined to sign it, according to Alderman James Bohl, who feels that members of the Milwaukee Common Council are being left in the dark about the project's status.

Bohl said it was his understanding that Midwest Fiber had secured adequate credit to cover the $20 million capital cost, but it was the Department of Administration that made the decision to court other vendors.

"They are not sharing information with the council," Bohl said. "The fact that we're not kept informed is not Midwest Fiber's fault."

Sharon Robinson, director of the Department of Administration, could not be reached for comment. Among other responsibilities, the department is entrusted with information technology services and IT resource management.

Now it sounds like these guys are raising 20 million $ and yet the city has not any patience.

What do they want in a couple of months?

Anyone on this list want to step into that bear trap?


Dylan Oliver wrote:
City of Milwaukee "out of patience" with Midwest Fiber Networks, its municipal wireless partner, and looking to Cellnet (doing Madison) and Earthlink:*


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