Agreed that Trango has clearly fallen behind...way behind.  However, the VL
is also far from being an "end all" solution.  The VL has no mechanism to
avoid interference (No RX threshold etc.) other than just to retransmit.

Also, the VL does not offer the flexibility to change polarities on the fly.
In fact Alvarion doesn't even offer an H Polarity SU INT and if you rotate
the V Polarity SU to H you'll likely have a water penetration problem.

The VL is only available in a 5.3GHz or 5.8GHz solution further limiting the
flexibility the product offers.  As our HUB sites increase in number and
decrease in required coverage area we have found the 5.3GHz band to be VERY
valuable.  You do not have that flexibility with VL.

When Alvarion is presented with the freq and polarity suggestions they
simply respond with "we're RF purists" talking points.  No indication that
maybe, just maybe those would be good features to add to the product.

We deployed a VL in an above average noisy environment with the latest v3.x
firmware and the results were dismal to say the least.  Fortunately
upgrading to v4.0 allowed us to salvage the deal, but we still can only pass
a few Mbps.  This is far less than what a Trango M5830AP can do in a noisy

As with most things YMMV.



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Please know that I am not really trying to trash Trango here. They are 
still a viable product in some situations. Alvarion is simply so much 
better that it warranted this upgrade. Obviously for heavily used links 
feeding towers to other towns I think Trango multipoint is a bad option. 
I have not used their Atlas radios which may well do a good job. Trango 
has been a valuable product for many WISPs over the years (including 
myself until recently). I have found though that for my applications in 
feeding other towers to rural towns Alvarion VL works 100% better than 
Trango or anything else I have ever used. If you have a need for a 
low-cost short haul or CPE solution then I am guessing that the Trango 
multipoint radios will still provide excellent service. Just because I 
have soured on them does not mean they are not a platform for WISPs to 

> I was thinking about using Trango for a link, but I do not want 
> headaches, not today and not 5 years from today.
>    Thanks.
> Mario
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