I think in all fairness, we need to put a major factor to radio selection out on the table too... price.

Trango retail pricing:
Trango Link10-EXT's are $1,500 for a complete link.
Trango 5830AP-EXTs are $1,095
Trango 5830SU-EXT's are $729
Trango FOX are $149

Alvarion pricing (not sure if this is retail or not):
VL 5.8ghz AP - $4,525
VL 6MBPS CPE - $1,045

It still stands true... you get what you pay for.... if you spend 4x the money on an AP, I would suspect it should work better. If you spend 4x the money on a car, boat, house, etc. it should work better. The question is, do you need to spend 4x the money to get what your customers need?


John Scrivner wrote:

Please know that I am not really trying to trash Trango here. They are still a viable product in some situations. Alvarion is simply so much better that it warranted this upgrade. Obviously for heavily used links feeding towers to other towns I think Trango multipoint is a bad option. I have not used their Atlas radios which may well do a good job. Trango has been a valuable product for many WISPs over the years (including myself until recently). I have found though that for my applications in feeding other towers to rural towns Alvarion VL works 100% better than Trango or anything else I have ever used. If you have a need for a low-cost short haul or CPE solution then I am guessing that the Trango multipoint radios will still provide excellent service. Just because I have soured on them does not mean they are not a platform for WISPs to consider.

I was thinking about using Trango for a link, but I do not want headaches, not today and not 5 years from today.


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