Now that Alvarion has dedicated a person to lend an ear to the wISP industry
and an Official Alvarion Representative is a member of the list I think this
is a good opportunity to field the pros and cons of the VL product.

What are the VL strong points vs. the shortcomings?  Here are a few off the
top of my head and I would encourage other VL users to post their findings.
The objective is to provide the feedback I'm sure Alvarion is looking for to
improve and help shape the evolution of current and future Alvarion


High quality construction
VLAN support
Alignment LEDS
Committed and enthusiastic personnel
Capable of 10MHz & 20MHz channels
High payload capacity under ideal conditions
ATPC (Auto Tx Power Control?)


No dual band capability
No dual polarity capability
No Rx threshold
AU requires lengthy reboot network downtime for RF survey
AU requires lengthy reboot network downtime for many configuration changes
Non-standard CAT5 color code requires re-termination of included cable
Weather seal not large enough to pass RJ45 through



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