I was not referring to the AOL statement. That was just to clarify the person making the statement.
The reference to tubes in the second sentence.

Sorry I guess I was a little vague there.

Scott Reed wrote:

I benefit by allowing customers to access AOL. If they couldn't, I would have 10% less customers, 10% less revenue. Don't see a problem with what is quoted, but have not read the entire article.

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> I do hope he was kidding.
> as quoted from the article;
>                     "Jerry Grasso, Earthlink's director of
> communications, said the corporation benefits by allowing other Internet
> service providers
>                    to use the network and serve more customers.
>                    For example, Grasso said a user who prefers AOL
> could log on to AOL's Web site and not even notice they were using Earthlink
>                     "tubes" to get it."
> Full story here;
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