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I'm jsut saying readers may misinterperete the post if my statements were not added.

The parts that you added, though, were specifically related to the radio portion of the network (and you were correct there), but it has nothing to do with what we did (now 3 times) with OSPF. It was that part that I responded to.

If the intend is to do FDX, Using OFDM to accomplish it is one easy way to do it.

OFDM isn't full duplex, unless I'm sorely mistaken.

The question that I was challenging is in what cases FDX is appropriate. It can be risky to rely on two channels in a noisy environment. What happens if those channels develop interference? What channels would you move to? Anyone can get a good link on day one, but what is the plan for preventing future disasters?

This is actually a better question. The fact is, that MOST people who "brag" on their 10, 20, 50Mbps infrastructure don't need anywhere near that. In 2 of the cases where I built this type of setup, there was a real need that a FDX implementation solved. These were not ISPs, but a corporate install where they were doing VoIP among other things. The third one was an ISP and they had 2 links up and running (one in 5.8 and another in 2.4) and wanted to find a way to utilize these better (they were previously just bridged and STP was running).

Two 10Mhz channels has less risk and more options than one 20 Mhz channel.

This is obviously true and very spectrum conscious.

Its humbling for me to admit that publically, but I'm a smarter person for realizing it.

:-) I have a hard time admitting that I _could_ have _possibly_ been wrong. ;-) (I guess that's just human nature.)

I tend to agree (a little) with the vision that you posted, but that's also a bit off the topic at hand. I guess you get the right to stray from the topic, being the long-timer that you are. :-)

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