Hi Mario,

To answer your questions:

1)  Tranzeo radios, all POE, all models
2)  Terrain is mostly flat, some rolling hills, mostly rural
3)  Grounding is required in the contract
4) We provide the mounting hardware. Normally, we send satellite arms with the installer, but if it takes more we provide a tripod or non-pen. Their price doesn't change. 5) We do a cat-5 run through an outside wall. If they need more wiring, it is $35/hour.

I would be happy to share my intaller's agreement.  Just hit me off list.

Matt Larsen

Mario Pommier wrote:
Matt, Pete,
Can you state what kinds of radios these installs involve? are these PoE radios, what brand, what kind of terrain you're installing in, rural/metro area? Is grounding being done? What if they install a non-pen mount? Same price? Where does install end: i.e. do they ahve to do an indoor run to where the network equipment is?
   It would help to gauge what's involved.
   BTW, we haven't gone to outsourcing, not yet anyway.


Matt Larsen - Lists wrote:

I started out with having my own installers, vans, equipment etc., but have switched over to outsourcing almost all of our installations.

At this time last year, I had two different outsourced installers going at the same time. We did 80 installs last September and our cost was a little bit more than what we were paying our own installers. The real difference came when we had a slow month (30-40 installs) and we only had to pay for the installs that were completed. One of the installers we worked with left to get a higher paying job, and it worked out well for all of us. Except for the fact that we have had to go out and redo about 25 of his installs because he was mounting too low in the houses or putting radios behind trees in the winter. That kind of sucked. The other installers has a little bit of a language barrier, being from Peru - and was kind of sloppy with his installs at first. Over the long run, he has turned out to be great, as he has stepped up and done everything we have asked him to do and improved the quality of his work considerably along the way. I now give him everything that I can, including service calls.

It has been a much better situation to be able to outsource to a good contractor. Our successful install rate is much higher and we have been able to focus on running and growing our network instead of stupid stuff. I am paying $90 to $120 per install (depending on mileage, some places are 300 miles round trip), $35 per service call and $35 for de-installs. That is working very well for me.

Matt Larsen

Pete Davis wrote:

We outsource most of our installs to our employees. The two techs usually go out together, and split the $100. Its not unheard of for my techs to make more money on a busy week than I take in my salary, and I am an owner.

They make $x/hr to do service calls, uninstalls, AP maintenance, etc and if they can keep those caught up, we schedule an install (usually 1 or 2 /day for 2 techs). They are OFF the clock for installs, and get $100/install. We provide the van, the tools, the gas, the CPE, and all consumables (staples, caulk, cat5, ends, jacks, faceplates, etc). That keeps them from usually turning in overtime. It gives them an incentive for completing installs in a timely manner (2 hr install = $25/hr/tech). Any service calls resulting from a faulty/sloppy install in the first 30 days result in the installer techs going on site to fix it on THEIR time, so they have an incentive to get it done right the first time around.

We have a few other local IT/phone/security system consultants who will occasionally bring us a customer and offer to install them, since they are an existing consulting customer for them anyway and usually selling them a custom network/phone system/security system/audio system anyway. We will usually give them $125 or $150 and provide the CPE and minimal technical support. They will bring us the contract/customer worksheet for our files, and we don't even have to go on site. Since we usually charge $149 for the setup, we often let the consultant charge whatever he wants, and keep it, and put in as many custom cable runs and terminations as they can sell. We just start picking up the monthly billing.

Those are good relationships to have.

Pete Davis

chris cooper wrote:

Im sure this has been covered beforeā€¦..

Have any of you outsourced installations? If so, has it been a positive experience, how much do you pay a contractor?



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