On Mon, September 25, 2006 1:30 pm, Tom DeReggi wrote:

> I thought a /20 was the minimum allocation.
> Also not sure that it would be cost justified for IP blocks smaller than
> /19
> all things considered.

>From the ARIN NRPM (abridged): You can't multihome unless you have at
least a /24, but ARIN won't give you a /24. You'd have to get that from an
existing upstream.

If you're already multihomed and want your own allocation, it'll be a /22
or larger. If you're singlehomed, the smallest allocation is a /20.

The costs aren't that bad, really. (We have a /19 and we're only paying
$2250 a year, which is well worth it for the relative independence it buys
us from our upstream.)

David Smith
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