chris cooper wrote:
> Im sure some of you have many devices to manage/track.  What packages
> are people using for asset management?

We've tried a couple "off the shelf" inventory systems, but most of them
are too complicated in all the wrong places. The problem is, of course,
that they try to do everything that everyone could want, and thus
include a lot of extraneous/irrelevant features, and to use the features
you DO need, you have to find them in the middle of everything else.

(As an aside, if anyone needs a couple of handheld barcode scanners, I
may be able to hook you up...)

We're presently using an in-house inventory system, that I'm still in
the middle of writing. It doesn't have all the complex features, but it
does just about everything we need (and the rest should be done fairly
soon). As a bonus, it integrates fairly well with our billing system.
Not everyone has a programmer in-house, but if you do, that's probably
the best bet - you know you'll get something suited well to your needs.

David Smith
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