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Software controlled dual polarity might be nice. Not sure why you
consistently harp on us though since no one else has it either other
than your longtime preferred vendor.

mks: I have Trango and over a dozen other brands of gear. That software polarity thing is the bomb. I can fix interference issues, almost any of them, from the office! Very very nice feature.

I am not as convinced about your complaint about RSSI. Is it just used
to RSSI like being used to feet in stead of meters. But also, isn't RSSI
less sophisticated and a less useful number than SNR since it is only an
indication of receive signal without discounting noise? SNR provides a
more accurate representation of wanted signal since it discounts for
unwanted noise.

mks: rssi is critical to me. I make do without it but I hate to. It's impossible to troubleshoot the signal level that should be there.... We can calculate the value if we have it. SNR also helps, but I'd rather have rssi and noise in dB. If you want to do like lucent did 100 years ago and give us rssi, noise, AND snr in db AND/OR as a graph, that was very good stuff.

mks: FYI, I've found that most radios massively misreport the true noise levels.

Not sure of your complaint about the RJ45. No one else remarks about it
and we don't have issues with water intrusion. In other words, it works
well. If the opening was enlarged you increase the potential for water

mks:  If you are gonna use a standard connector, use a standard connection.

Following the color code? Yes, as an old cabling guy, I would agree. But
I am pleased to note that one is really running out of things to harp
about when one continually highlights this a major deficiency.

So now that I have responded here to your public mail, will you please
admit that even if the VL came to life and saved your kid from a flood
you complain that it was not fast enough and that it ripped the kid's
clothes. I wish some day you'd accept that your customer chose VL and
you should take the opportunity to learn about it instead of still
trying to make it fail so you can get them to switch to Trango. Even the
best radios will have room for improvement and every decent brand should
have something special that differentiates it. You work so hard to find
fault you miss opportunities to become proficient in more than one
brand. So accept our invitations to allow engineer visits and accept our
invitations to be trained. Know what I mean?

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