I wonder how or if the privacy checkbox will effect the released data if they win.

Also the information will be relatively worthless for what these people are supposedly looking for. When the form is filled out, we only report total numbers and zip codes covered. Granted if you serve only 1 zip code then it is obvious where your customers are. Even in my small coverage area I serve 4 zip codes and only one of them has any substatial number of customers.

What I will find disturbing is if they are successful in getting my customer count released. So what if I find out that Qwest has umpteen billion DSL customers and they serve my zip code. I already knew that. However if Qwest of any of the miriade of resellers can see that I have X customers in my area they may decide that marketing there is now a good idea because of the uptake potential.

   Sam Tetherow
   Sandhills Wireless

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
Seems like this scenario was the biggest argument against the form. Not that we can do much. It's the law.


"""In an effort to get more accurate data, the Center for Public Democracy has sued <http://www.publicintegrity.org/about/release.aspx?aid=64> the FCC to obtain a database that shows which companies serve which zip-codes, and how extensively. When acquired, the outfit will make it available via their Well Connected <http://www.publicintegrity.org/telecom/> website. The actual complaint is available here <http://www.publicintegrity.org/docs/telecom/ComplaintFCC.pdf> (pdf)."""


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