You might want to check out til-tek and antel.  They are not cheap, but they are highh quality.
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Hello all,


I’m planning on purchasing some test equipment designed around the SR9 900 MHz equipment.  I’m debating between MikroTik and WRAP boards at the moment and have found an outdoor enclosure that should work fine.  However, the big question is what antennas to use for both the AP and the CPE.


I found some sites that offer 900 MHz Omni’s but the prices are CRAZY!  Into the $300 range!  As for a client side it seems to be a little more realistic of around $20 up to the hundreds of dollars depending on the type needed.  Am I crazy or am I destined to pay about $300 for an Omni-directional antenna!?


Also, if anybody has any EXACT configurations they would like to recommend for my first SR9 AP and CPE setup please feel free to post the details of you recommended configurations!  Thanks!




Joshua M. Andrews

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