So, I'm working from home today. The internet goes off. Wireless router fine...cannot access cpe. The cpe cable runs down the chimney and I figured it rubbed through on the top. I go up there and it is fine. I go to basement and head for the cable (runs through 8x8 cleanout to chimney) I go to grab the tarp that is wadded up and stuffed in the hole and I hear this awful hissing and growling. I jumped back and about crapped my pants! Long story 2 hrs later and I now have a cap on the chimney and the GREY SQUIRREL ran towards the back woods (lucky bastard, I'm too close to town for the .22) I was using a brick tied to a rope and I was throwing it down the chimney for an hour. He decided to run when I tried to stab him with a piece of pvc I found in the basement. Anyway, beware of them squirrels.

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