Squirrels are rats with fluffy tails and good PR firms.......


Thursday, September 28, 2006, 6:16:12 PM, you wrote:

NW> HaHa! Amazing. We had a similar issue where some possible rats (or could
NW> have been squirrels, never found out for sure from them what it was) had
NW> gotten in a customer's wall and bit through the cable, just not 
NW> completely severing the wires. So the link was very flaky, in and out.
NW> 75% out. Fixed it with some small PVC pipe through the wall.

NW> Nick

NW> Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
>> So, I'm working from home today.  The internet goes off.  Wireless 
>> router fine...cannot access cpe.  The cpe cable runs down the chimney
>> and I figured it rubbed through on the top.  I go up there and it is
>> fine.  I go to basement and head for the cable (runs through 8x8 
>> cleanout to chimney)  I go to grab the tarp that is wadded up and 
>> stuffed in the hole and I hear this awful hissing and growling.  I 
>> jumped back and about crapped my pants!  Long story short....it 2 hrs
>> later and I now have a cap on the chimney and the GREY SQUIRREL ran
>> towards the back woods (lucky bastard, I'm too close to town for the
>> .22)  I was using a brick tied to a rope and I was throwing it down
>> the chimney for an hour.  He decided to run when I tried to stab him
>> with a piece of pvc I found in the basement.  Anyway, beware of them
>> squirrels.
>> Brian

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