This is one of the worst speed test programs I have ever seen. It basically downloads the front web page from several different sites (,,,, etc.) and times each download, and then averages them.

My PC at work is a P4/2.8ghz with 1GB of RAM. I am connected to our backbone switch with a 100Mbps ethernet connection. Our backbone router has two full DS3's running full BGP routes. Even when I have over 50Mbps of bandwidth available, the SurfSpeed test shows my average speed at 35Kbps.

You can download the SurfSpeed program from PC Magazine's website and test it yourself.


Sam Tetherow wrote:

I found this article catching up on Cranky Geeks ( it is a bit old (from early August), but I don't remember anyone posting it.,1895,1994566,00.asp

Those of you in Qwest territory might find it especially useful information.

"...On the other end of the scale, Qwest was, by far, the slowest ISP; its DSL service averaged only 109 Kbps on the SurfSpeed test..."

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