Hi all,

This is aimed at anyone who builds there own x86 kit but anyone with
experience in this arena is more than welcome to chime in.
Basically I'm trying to gauge if using a sealed enclosure is really best
for mounting x86 based kit outdoors or if a well ventilated enclosure
would be better. Until now we have always used IP67 enclosures but it
seems that no matter how well you seal every cable entry point a tiny
amount of water always manages to get in. Once the water is in it never
seems to drain. Looking at some of the outdoor cabs that the mobile
operators use in the UK it would apear that they use well ventilated
outdoor housing not sealed enclosures. Obviously a vetilated enclosure has
the added bonus that there is more airflow which can only be a good thing
when using x86 hardware.

Any thoughts or experiences?

Many thanks,


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