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Its not that I don't understand or agree with your point of view, but I just question wether it will work based on unecessarily detering customers. Its hard enough getting someone willing to try wireless in the first place, and now you are saying that the odds of getting it aren't good enough to to risk your $29. If trying to get their business isn't worth $29 to you, They may not even bother to subscribe.

On the flip side, if your business is like mine, and you focus on Business and sure things, the lost residential business may not be a bad thing, if it just isn;t financially viable to go after with money at risk.

It also could end up working th opposite. You are establishing value for your time. Possibly preventing other from abusing/taking up your time in the future. And when you set a value, people recognize it as more valuable and want it more.

It goes back to my puppy story. I put an add for free puppies in the paper, and nobody called. The next week I put an add Puppies only $25, and sold every one of them the first day the paper was out.

We've done the puppy thing and it works.
My grandpa used to sell used cars. If a car wouldn't sell, he'd raise the price and it would sell.

I'm interested in seeing how it plays out for you over time, charging the survey fee. Let us know as the plan progresses.

PS. This is also a factor of wether you are in a underserved or served area. There is more demand in an underserved area. In my urban market, everyone offers everything for free.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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I think those who decline our service following a successful site
survey are just tire kickers. They almost always tell our subcontractor
that they "will speak to the wife and get back to us" or they were
merely "wanting to see if our service was available in their area".
People of this stature waste our time and resources, they are the ones
that we need to avoid from the get go in order to optimize our company's
efficiency. I do not feel that we should punish ethical customers by
charging an inflated installation fee to subsidize our site survey expenses
incurred by the tire kickers. We've decided that we are going to require
a signed site survey request form with payment authorization prior to the
site survey being performed and those who decline service following a
successful site survey WILL BE billed the applicable site survey fee. If
they are serious about obtaining our service, they will find a fax machine
or scanner to return the signed document to our company. Feel free to
follow-up with me in a couple of months to see how this new policy is
working for our WISP. BTW, the other WISP in our area is charging
$75 - $150 for a site survey fee. The word on the street is that they are adding 4 - 5 new subscribers per day but I find this very hard to believe
because we are only adding 4 - 5 per week but our coverage area is
more limited than their's. They are also charging $300 - $500 in upfront
installation/CPE fees compared to our $99 upfront fee. When their
company was planning expansion into our area, my partner and I hosted
a conference call with their two owners and they told us point blank,
"people will pay us whatever we charge them because we are their
only option." This is just the opposite of how my partner and I approach
our WISP, we did not get into this business to get rich, we simply wanted to offer a better service (for less) to the communities we service. We're
not the type of company who's strategy involves taking advantage of
people but if someone wants something (a site survey for instance), they
need to pay for it because it's the fair thing to do being that it does require
time, labor and other expenses. For now, we're just going to enforce the
site survey fee for those who are disrespectful of our resources (i.e. those who decline our service following a successful site survey). Time will tell.

Shannon D. Denniston, Co-Founder
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It seems more likely that Blair is disqualifying his prospects before
spending money on a site survey.

One of the best sales skills is the ability to DQ prospects early - it
saves the sales guy and the company time and money.

If the site survey for the prospect comes back positive, what are the
Are you creating a response for each objection?

How are you presenting the site survey results?
Is it an enthusiastic delivery like The Irrestible Offer or is it flat?
"Wonderful! Right now you have a chance to get our broadband service.
In just 2 days we will have you surfing the web on a safe, reliable and
fast platform."

- Peter

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