I'm at the SU side and the SU shows "Five Green LEDs".  In fact the SU shows
"Five Green LEDs" even if we swing the antenna a few degrees left - right -
up or down.  We really have no idea what our RSSI is, but we've made our
best judgment splitting the difference between the left - right - up and
down sweep.  <sigh>

Internet speed tests are varying from 6Mbps-9Mbps downloads and uploads from
as little as 198Kbps to rarely better than 3Mbps.  This is pretty
disappointing considering Alvarion claims this is a 45MB radio. 

There is only one SU hanging off of this Alvarion VL AP.  We have sold the
client a 2Mbps/2Mbps package.  Some days are better than others, but now
that the client is starting to really use the circuit the link is unable to
keep up with the 2Mbps/2Mbps committed rate.

We have run numerous surveys at the AU site and Alvarion Support (including
the radio) has determined we are using the only semi-clear channel
available.  I am new to Alvarion VL and my question to VL users is what do
you do in a situation like this?  Are there any additional settings within
VL to help alleviate interference?

Traffic Statistics
1 - Display Counters
2 - Reset Counters
AU 270* >>> 1

Ethernet Counters
 Total received frames via Ethernet   :193157185
 Transmitted wireless to Ethernet     :231448002

WLAN Counters
 Total transmitted frames to wireless :212937472 (Beacons: 29931828,
OtherMng & Data: 1830056
 Total submitted frames (bridge)      :192350033 (High: 0, Mid: 18111562,
Low: 174233366)
 Total transmitted Unicasts           :164403186
 Frames dropped (too many retries)    :2039
 Total retransmitted frames           :2475101
 Total transmitted concatenated frames :163118132 (Single: 153602388,
Double: 8276616 More: 1
 Total Tx events                      :2039
    (Dropped: 2039, Underrun: 0, Others: 0)
 Total received frames from wireless  :232847646
 Total received data frames           :231138710
 Total Rx events                      :2322150690
    (Phy: 2318539529, CRC: 3611161, Overrun: 0, Decrypt: 0)
 Total received concatenated frames   :165905201 (Single: 134155300, Double:
17586693 More: 1
 Bad fragments received (CRC)         :3611161
 Duplicate frames discarded           :394100
 Internally discarded MIR/CIR         :5105
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