Brad Belton wrote:
I'm at the SU side and the SU shows "Five Green LEDs".  In fact the SU shows
"Five Green LEDs" even if we swing the antenna a few degrees left - right -
up or down.  We really have no idea what our RSSI is, but we've made our
best judgment splitting the difference between the left - right - up and
down sweep.  <sigh>

While Alvarion doesn't give you actual RSSI, you can get a running signal-to-noise number. Telnet into the SU, hit 4, 4, 1. You can use those numbers to fine-tune your antenna alignment, if you keep in mind those numbers lag a second or two behind.

(You can also get those numbers from the BreezeConfig software, which is a lot easier to navigate than some of Alvarion's complex menus. A CD with that software should have come with your hardware; if you don't have it, email me offlist and I can hook you up.)

David Smith
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