If this snow disappears tomorrow I will be loading up the Tranzeo 900 with a Superpass omni. and I have the other two integrated radios to test with, 8 and 11db.

Will let you know.

You have a Good Day now,

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KyWiFi LLC wrote:
Thank you for sharing this information with the list Joe, I appreciate
it and I'm sure others do too!

Please let us know if you decide to play with 900Mhz using an omni
instead of a sector as I would be interested in hearing the range that
is possible with an omni compared to a sector. I have my eye on the
PacWireless OD9-11 (http://tinyurl.com/vq7dj).


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Well, I finally got time to hang the 900 A/P tonight. MT with SR9 on a 532a.
Client is a Rb112. Superpass 10dbi sector and a 10dbi panel for the client.
While its not the golden bullet sorta speak I am very impressed with it.
What better place to test than City Park. Its full of old tall oaks. From
about two miles out I was seeing -75 signal and easily squeezing 2 megs up
and down. I always see a lower upload on other gear but the 900 down and up
always seemed to be almost the same. I have had many calls from a
subdivision that was flooded from the storm and they still do not have bell
or cable in there. I tried doing two houses in that subdivision without any
luck with 2.4. Its loaded with trees. Well from my truck at these two
locations I had no problem seeing a -72 signal. As I got a little closer to
the pop maybe 1 mile I was seeing a -70 with still quite a few trees in the
way and I was seeing four megs up and down This is where it seemed to peak
out at. Like someone said its another tool in the tool box. Its just what I
needed because while 2.4 will burn through some trees the 900m shots will do
so much better.
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