Hello KyWiFi,

As someone who has many towers with 900 omni's ( and many years
supporting them), this combo ( SR9 plus mikrotik/starOS/whatever)  eliminates
the desire to ever deploy an omni again. IMHO.

Some of our most rural areas are so polluted in 900mhz, an omni just
doesn't cut it.

Mikrotik now needs GPS polling......


Friday, October 13, 2006, 11:00:21 AM, you wrote:

KL> Thank you for sharing this information with the list Joe, I appreciate
KL> it and I'm sure others do too!

KL> Please let us know if you decide to play with 900Mhz using an omni
KL> instead of a sector as I would be interested in hearing the range that
KL> is possible with an omni compared to a sector. I have my eye on the
KL> PacWireless OD9-11 (http://tinyurl.com/vq7dj).


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KL> Well, I finally got time to hang the 900 A/P tonight. MT with SR9 on a 532a.
KL> Client is a Rb112. Superpass 10dbi sector and a 10dbi panel for the client.
KL> While its not the golden bullet sorta speak I am very impressed with it.
KL> What better place to test than City Park. Its full of old tall oaks. From
KL> about two miles out I was seeing -75 signal and easily squeezing 2 megs up
KL> and down. I always see a lower upload on other gear but the 900 down and up
KL> always seemed to be almost the same. I have had many calls from a
KL> subdivision that was flooded from the storm and they still do not have bell
KL> or cable in there. I tried doing two houses in that subdivision without any
KL> luck with 2.4. Its loaded with trees. Well from my truck at these two
KL> locations I had no problem seeing a -72 signal. As I got a little closer to
KL> the pop maybe 1 mile I was seeing a -70 with still quite a few trees in the
KL> way and I was seeing four megs up and down This is where it seemed to peak
KL> out at. Like someone said its another tool in the tool box. Its just what I
KL> needed because while 2.4 will burn through some trees the 900m shots will do
KL> so much better.
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