I have equipment that I need installed on about 20 towers throughout Central Michigan and Northeast Wisconsin. We have one tower company that we really, really like, but they are booked up solid for months (we've already waited a month in hopes something would open up, but no luck). Does anyone have recommendations? I have 6 new towers where 5.7 GHz backhauls and 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz APs need to be installed, and 14 towers needing augmenting, where new 900 MHz APs need to be installs. The 900 MHz antennas we are using are MTi Horizontally-polarized Omnis, which are pretty big (at least compared to anything we've used before).

Ideally, a company that can fabricate mounts on-site (which our preferred company, St. Paul Tower, does) would be ideal, as we are installing on towers, as well as water towers, grain elevators, and smokestacks.

All recommendations are very welcome. My contact info for any tower people on this list is mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] and phone 989-837-3790 ext 151.

My apologies if solicitations of this nature are inappropriate for this list.


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