Ain't going to happen, Net Neutrality is another y2k, all hype, little to no substance.

   Sam Tetherow
   Sandhills Wireless

Carl A Jeptha wrote:
Gentlemen and Ladies of USA,
You have a problem, that if you do not defend "Net Neutrality" no Nuclear device and no matter how big will protect you or I from what can and will happen. Believe it or not right now the rest of the world's democracy rest's in your hands. When Democracy is owned by a Corporation and not by the people (notice the word "owned") we will have trouble. I remember, years ago when a US citizen wanted to know who he to pay for the internet, because he believed that someone had to own it. I gave up after 5mins on dialup (14400 modem) to try and tell him that no one controlled the internet. You US WISP's will have to stop the assault, because I know that in Canada they will only rubber stamp the FCC.

I feel sorry for you but the fight is now with you, because it is all quiet in the rest of the world, but I can guarantee you that if you loose the rest will follow suit, and quote " the USA did it, it must be the right thing to do" (meanwhile, everyone curses the Americans, until it will line their pockets, then the Americans are doing the right thing).
Mr Upton should be led to the wall with a blindfold and shot for treason.
End of Rant. Time for another beer before I fall asleep.

You have a Good Day now,

Carl A Jeptha
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John Scrivner wrote:
Hello Alex. I am sorry you have had trouble posting to our list. Please send the error you receive when you try to post to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and he will get it fixed. I am copying the list with your information.
John Scrivner

Alex Huppenthal wrote:
Since I my posts to the general list never make it, perhaps you'd like to post this. An important event. Hope all is well with you.

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*From: *"Timothy Karr," <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>>
*Date: *October 18, 2006 6:22:57 PM PDT
*To: *"Alex Huppenthal" <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>>
*Subject: **Tonight: Join on PBS*
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Dear Alex,
Bill Moyers <>

Tonight at 9:
Watch "The Net at Risk" <>

On the Web:
Join the Debate at <>

Tune in to PBS tonight to see the <>Coalition featured in "The Net at Risk," a documentary produced by award-winning journalist Bill Moyers.

Then join other members in an online Web discussion at

Bill Moyers' show airs at 9 p.m. in most cities (check local listings <>). Immediately following the East Coast broadcast, will host a live Internet debate between Free Press Policy Director Ben Scott and phone industry flack Mike McCurry.

You can be a part of this online debate. Here's how to join in:

    *When:* Oct. 18, 10:30 pm Eastern / 7:30 pm Pacific
    *Where: *

You'll be asked to log in to participate in the online discussion. With your help, we hope to light up the PBS Web site with our campaign to save Net Neutrality.

It's important to have you there. In the six months since the Coalition was launched, millions of Americans have joined the campaign, spoken out for Internet freedom, and put Congress and the phone companies on notice.

Tonight's program could make millions more aware of this issue.

They need to hear the real voices of people like you instead of industry mouthpieces. Help us use the Internet to save it from corporate efforts to stifle online innovation, free speech and competition.

Please join us tonight!

Timothy Karr
Campaign Director
Free Press and <>

1. For the latest information on the campaign visit <>

2. Don't miss Bill Moyers' new essay on Net Neutrality: "Against an Imperial Internet <>"


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