*Tate’s Law: More Networks Mean More Reliability
*Make spectrum available

from DSL Prime newsletter by Dave Burstein

Gordon Moore didn’t intend to create “Moore’s Law” when he wrote an article predicting the future of semiconductors, but the logic was so powerful his name is now in the history books. I doubt FCC Commissioner Tate expected even 15 minutes of fame for her comments at the VON conference, but the idea is compelling.

Tate said “At the second meeting of the FCC Independent Panel Reviewing the Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Communications Networks in Mississippi, I heard personal accounts of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. The one clear message I heard was the need for redundancy in communications networks.” Getting another network deployed will save lives in emergencies, whether massive hurricanes or an individual with a heart attack. After Katrina, I wrote, /“/The debate over whether to add a WiFi/Wimax network should be over. Get those base stations up on light and flagpoles, etc. by whatever means necessary.” There’s a reasonable debate about whether it should be built by cities, independents like EarthLink, or even incumbents. Commissioner Tate is on target, however, seeking to resolve those issues and provide this essential safety net.

AT&T and BellSouth have unused spectrum perfect for Wimax, and could easily divest. The FCC made a major mistake not demanding the same from Sprint/Nextel. The Sprint CFO told Wall Street giving up the spectrum would have minimal impact, because it had been already written down.

There’s also the remarkable proposal from M2Z to unwire 95% of the United States with free service at low speeds. They’d charge for higher speeds and pay a royalty on the 20 megahertz of unused spectrum they need. Milo Medin, who built the U.S. cable modem business and experienced regulator John Muleta have credibility, while Kleiner Perkins, the richest venture capitalists in the world, are ready with the money.

In the current commenting period for the Merger of att-BST (docket 06-74) it would be wise to mention that what is best for America is to follow Commissioner Tate's recommendation for a redundant network - to wit, att and BellSouth should have to divest their licensed spectrum that they have left unused since their purchase over 5 years ago. Private-public partnerships would be able to best utilize the spectrum and these same partnerships would have the ability of speed to deployment.

You might also ask for peering, special access pricing, and tariff rates to remain in effect for the next 30 months.

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