Actually the cell phone analogy is what IMS is all about.
IMS allows for deep packet inspection, so on EVDO or your cell phone, the carrier knows what you are doing.

You have a very limited "internet" on most cell phone plans.
I pay $10 extra per month and I am lucky if I can get the scores of an NFL game on Sunday.

Like I said earlier, it isn't one thing, it is the sum total of all the things happening at once that makes me worry about the future of this industry. And quite a few people that are much brighter and with better connections are worried.

I don't know if others are optimistic, in denial, or don't care.

- Peter

Sam Tetherow wrote:

The cell phone analogy is a bit off target though, unless you want to charge the recipient of the cell call.

The peering wars pretty much died in 95 when the fledgling internet business wouldn't tolerate it then. I highly doubt that it would put up with it now. If AT&T, VZ, L3 & GX/XO/Gogent/other want/need more revenue for their pipes, they will charge more.

   Sam Tetherow
   Sandhills Wireless

Peter R. wrote:

Think about your cell phone. Do you get access to the entire Net or only some of it? Think about EVDO. Is it truly unlimited or are there rules and enforcement? It is not inconceivable that VZ and AT&T would design a Prodigy type service and call it the Internet.

Personally, I would like to see a Truth in Advertising type law in effect in place of NN, but it is conceivable that to get access to all eyeballs you may have to buy 3 or 4 feeds - AT&T, VZ, L3 & GX/XO/Cogent/other.

If peering changes, the ripple effect would be crazy. Most carriers don't have the margin to change from peering to transit.

It isn't any one single thing happening that worries me, it is the conflugence of so many things happening at the same time.

- Peter

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