Peter R. wrote:
In Tampa, if Road Runner cut off Google, 66% of the people would be cut off from Google. Many would complain. But how many would change if RR put up a similar search page?
How many would switch? And to what?? Crappy, blinking DSL?
In my area, my RR has been solid for 6 years. My DSL bounces often. Enough to affect my VoIP ATA.
Wireless? Do you think if RR shut off Google and YouTube and MSN and Yahoo that some enterprising wireless provider would not come along and offer service? What did RR get, they now have a search engine and video content site that they have to advertise and operate in the hopes that they can make a better go of it than Google? What did Google loose and at what cost? What is an acceptable ADDITIONAL cost per customer for Google?

Personally I would love it if Qwest made the threat and followed through, yet another reason to go with me instead of them.

Many, many people only have 1 choice for a Broadband provider, not 2 and certainly not many.
Why is that, is it because no one else can physically provide the service or because they can't compete in the current market?
So what then?
The market has changed, so will the landscape.

That's where the argument hits the road.
Since BB Provider choice is so limited, you will end up with a walled garden like Prodigy.
And Prodigy went over so well that last time around...

   Sam Tetherow
   Sandhills Wireless

BTW, on MY cell phone, there is no per minute charge for the internet, but it is a limited choice of sites.
Just what Nextel lets me see/have/look at - when it is available.

- Peter

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