What's more likely and already happening is that AT&T will offer HD content but lock down your streams so that you cannot get anyone else's HD content. Already happening. Reported at DSL Prime.

Did you comment to the FCC yet???
Many of you post a lot here. And are very wordy :) But have you put those words on a comment to the FCC about any of the dockets that are of a concern to you? If I go here (http://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/ecfs/comsrch_v2.cgi) and put in your name will I see any filed comments?

- Peter

Tom DeReggi wrote:

What happens when Google thinks they are more valueable than the connectivity provider?
Why couldn;t it happen the other way arround?
Google says, Comcast, we aren;t going to allow your subscribers to Google, unless you pay us. Small ISPs? Verison just offered us lots of money for exclusivity, You need to start paying us for direct peer connections, or we aren't going to allow your customers to play.

I do not think Googles are big enough to do that yet, nor limited to one content competitors like connectivity, but one day it could happen.

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