This is a situation where a WISP almost died because he did not follow the rules on proper tower safety. Get trained and get safe.

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I do not know if you watch the list on Tower-Pro or not, but this rescue was up in Indiana, and it was required by a company called Advanced Computers & Communications Systems. I am learning over the past few days that this is a WISP.

Because of your stature with WISPA and the WISP community, I would appreciate it if you would forward this e-mail on to others in the WISP industry. Tower climbing and rescue training is a must if they are going to work in this business. People need to climbing pairs and have the knowledge, skill, and equipment to get climbers down quickly and safely in times of emergency.

It took three fire departments to get this man down in over 10 hours. I am thankful they got him down alive. There are so many in the WISP business that monkey up towers without any thought of safety, I have heard stories and seen it first hand. The tower industry is criticizing this rescue, because it was required of a WISP and in their eyes WISPs are unlearned and untrained companies.

Thank you for your support in building a safer industry.

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Greetings Tower-Pro!

First question - WHY couldn't employer rescue employee?

If there are going to be those in the industry that can not prepare
themselves for incidents like this, then I see a need.

Most fire departments are not trained to perform rescues of this sort.
I am very thankful that the firefighters from three departments got Mr.
Burnette down safely. There are those of us in the industry that spend
hours upon hours of training (and daily reminders to BE SAFE), and which
follow the ComTrain rescue practices for situations just like this. We
are scattered throughout this great Country.

My Question: How can we develop and provide a nationwide registry of
qualified and certified Tower Companies who are trained in these types
of rescues to local fire and public safety departments?

I commend the fire departments for doing their duty, what do you think
the rescue time would have been if the employer had been trained? As we
all know in some rescues, minutes matter. Had this been a more serious
injury (i.e.- cut), do think Mr. Burnette would have made it down okay
in the 10.5 hours he had to wait?

Let's continue to build a safer industry. I encourage you all to take
the time to learn how to climb safe and especially to know how to get a
man or woman off a tower in an emergency.

What is the value of life?

Best regards,


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Subject: [Tower-pro] Man on Cell Tower for 17 Hours...

This by the AP taken from local Fox28News Website regarding a tower
climber in Frankfort, IN. No other info available at this time.

Crews rescue man stuck on cell phone tower

Rescue crews helped a worker down from a cell phone tower this
morning in Frankfort, where he had been for more than 17 hours.

Rescuer say the man, identified as Jeff Burnette, became exhausted
while working about 280 feet above the ground on the tower yesterday.

He first went up the tower about ten yesterday morning and called
his employer for help around seven last night to say he couldn't get
down. He was wearing a safety harness.

Crews from the Frankfort, Lafayette and Indianapolis fire
departments assisted in getting the man down about 5:30 this morning.

Frankfort Fire Chief Greg Miller said Burnette was conscious and
alert as he was taken to a local hospital to be checked out.

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