Experiencing very high ping times (2000-3000ms) on the public IP's of
our Alvarion equipment. The public's are assigned to routers and PC's.
The radios have private IP's and do not experience any lag, even when
the public is terrible. The Alvarion's are in the same subnet as Trango
subscribers but we don't see it on the Trango public devices. Alvarion
and Trango AP's are on the same tower. The latency lasts 30-60 seconds
and then goes back to normal (<20ms). It repeats again every 5 - 10
minutes (no exact pattern). It does bounce from AP to AP, when one AP is
lagged, the others are not. Firmware is up to date.

Seems like routing, but why only the one brand and not the Trango

Of course all of this is fed from our Mikrotik router.


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