You will soon find out that you'll be a distributor..... You are offering to fill that role.

Have fun!  hehehehe
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Subject: [WISPA] Cooperative import buying.

More and more, I have contacts with salemen who want to directly sell me
commonly used stuff out of Asia.    Pigtails,  CM9's,  power injectors.
SBC's, etc.     Often these items are a pain for distributors to sell, and
as a result they often mark things like injectors and pigtails up quite a

Some things are just too knew to be  commonly, if at all, stocked here in
the US.

I'm interested in starting a cooperative effort to buy specific,  smallish
items out of Singapore, Taiwan, China...

Warranty on a CM9? Who here has EVER considered warranty on a CM9? Or a
$3 POE injector?   Or a $3.25 pigtail?

I know I just pitch things like that, if they don't work or fail.

If you have any interest, email me OFF LIST please. I'm sure that between
us, we have a lot of contacts for a lot of stuff we use routinely, but
either don't wish to buy in the 100's at a time to get a discount, or maybe you're like me and never have the funding for large purchases, and the small
quantity buys are killer expensive.

Note to WISPA: I am not attempting to make anything on this, and it is not
any attempt to sell or otherwise promote a business venture, simply an
organizational effort to benefit WISPA list members.


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