Since it is a CGI script, I'm assuming it's written in Perl. Adding those two functions should be relatively easy. Let me know if you need anything. I'm a full-time web developer, systems administrator, and network administrator; I know these things from all angles.


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
Hello Web Developer Guru's,
I looking for comments or suggestions on my site survey request process. I want to make sure it's as streamlined as it can be. Here is the current process from start to finish.

Potential subscriber calls and we talk $. If they are still interested I send them to to click on "Free availability check". They submit the form, a cgi script runs, and the "raw data" is sent to an imap account that my web developer and I have access to.

My web developer than open the email from imap in word and runs 2 macros to organize the raw data. One for my copy and one for the customers. My copy adds a bunch of text at the bottom of all the customer info (things like site survey date, install date, mac address, ssid, equipment, new email, rate plan, IP, DNS, and some other good stuff that needs to be on a work order). The other macro organizes the raw data for him to send an email back to the customer see what they submitted along with added text that says, "We'll call you, bla bla". After all my "work order" text is added he emails it (for review) from word back to the imap account and the info all shows up in the body of the email. Now I print the email (1 page) and stick it in a 3 ring binder. This leaves me with one email/printed email that has every field necessary to complete site survey, install, and billing.

Making the process smoother.......
I'd like to know if my process could be changed to what I'll describe below without a major overhaul, or if it needs major work, tell me a little about it. This reason we're doing it like we are is because I know very little about web development/cgi/macro stuff. This is the way my guy knew how to handle it.

After the customer hits submit I want 2 things to happen.

I want a confirmation email auto sent to them that shows them want they wrote and shows them the text I added. So at some point between hitting submit
and getting the email, "We'll call you....." needs to be injected.

I also want an email sent to me with the customers organized data on it. Again, the email is to have text added at the bottom of this email,
but my text needs to be the "work order" type text I explained earlier.

Summary. Fill out form. Click submit. Two unique email sent. Their copy with "We'll call you" text and my copy with "Work order" text.

The last thing. When I receive the email, I want the sender's email to show up so I can hit reply and be talking to them. Currently the sender is my own account
and I have to copy and paste the customers email to reply .

Can it be done and what would it take?

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