WISPA has a new paid Principle WISP Member, welcome Marshall Craw of Rabbit Meadows Technology. WISPA requires funding in order to operate and to lobby for our industry. We appreciate those of you who recognize this and help us with your time and money. Here is an introduction for our newest WISPA member:

Marshall Craw started Rabbit Meadows Technology in 2002 for IT
consulting.    The wireless infrastructure connected to Fiber was
deployed in early 2003.  Serving the Lake Chelan Valley in North
Central Washington, we compete in a market that has fiber, DSL, and
cable Internet.

Thank you again! If any of the rest of you want to help support the efforts of your industry then please go to http://signup.wispa.org and fill out the application. It takes about 2 minutes and won't hurt a bit!
All the best,

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