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Standards don't really matter unless you have interop on the mac layer as
well as QOS.With just MAC and phy layer interoperability, the only thing
that will be supported is simple bridging and routing when you use seperate
vendor's CPE and Base stations.  btw, no one is currently supporting QOS
Now that I reread this, I say great! :) I can bridge all day long with all different types mixed together and do routing/QOS with something like Mikrotik? Or am I crazy? Are you talking RF type QOS or the QOS I am used to (I guess I'd call that per packet QOS) that has to do with throttling bandwidth, shaping and such?

FYI  I'll state the obvious.  I don't know much about this.

Also currently there is only one company that has released 5.8 product
using 802.16a technology and is expected to be interoperable should other
vendors roll out product utilizing a 10mhz channel width. The whole Wimax
revolution really doesn't matter to Wisp's in the US if unlicensed bands are
never expected to be supported.



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Trango repeated its WISP summit at ISPCON again this year as well.
The purpose was to ask WISPs what they need in next generation
products, and disclose upcomming products.
It was also exciting to learn more about their next generation WIMax
product. The advantage of that platform, is its early enough in the
development process that there is still time for Trango to add
features that WISPs requested, to make it a better solution. A lot of
neet ideas were pitched, hopefully Trango will implement  some of
them, to compliment their offering. Trango's approach is to take WiMax
chipset, with the option to run a standard WiMax MAC, but shipped
default with Trango's modified Firmware to fit nicely in line with
existing Trango gear firmware features and tools. This would also have
the side effect of giving WiMax features at Lower prices than WIMax
competitors, and more unique differenciators than competitors by not
being limited to standards.
I thought one main advantage of WiMax was the standards.  By not
following standards the customers ARE limited.  Everyone knows that
every install is different.  I thought with WiMax we might actually get
to pick the right gear for each job.  Can't do that without standards.
They only want to keep you locked in.  I hate being locked into one
thing.  You can never use better gear when it comes out because you are
locked into old crap.

My perception, is that the 10mbps solution would continue as the low
cost options, but the WIMax line would be the high end product
delivering higher capacity / Higher feature gear, that would be priced
somewhere between 5830 and Fox lines.   My understanding is that Live
versions were displayed at Wimax World.  Its not appropriate to
discuss exact features yet, for obvious competitive reasons of a not
yet released product.  It could be a real exciting product, and
something worth keeping an eye on as it develops.  Unfortuneately
though, this is not an option for us today, as the product has not yet
been released, and probably won't for about 6 month. (Disclaimer: not
an authorized time prediction listed)

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