Yeah we ended up doing the AP300 program a couple times...our biggest time 22AP's arrived in a box! :-) Well I should have complained about something else then...maybe we need a Prizm 2.0 Lite then! j/k

Jon Langeler
Michwave Tech.

Gino A. Villarini wrote:

Jon, you need to be creative, in light of such need, we bought a bunch of
classic aps on ebay really cheap and the upgraded them to advantage with the
trade program.. ended up paying about $1000 for the APs

Gino A. Villarini
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Now we just need to get Moto to do that! Canopy Lite Advantage AP  :-)

Jon Langeler
Michwave Tech.

Brad Larson wrote:

I'm guessing Patrick went over the 25 user stand alone base station that
will retail for $2,595. This will be an upgradeable version that you can
start a POP with, recover some costs, then upgrade when the time comes
and you get close to the 25 subscriber attachments. Brad

Jon Langeler
Michwave Tech.

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