Welcome Travis, I know I can learn a lot from your comments.

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>Subject: [WISPA] New Principle Member of WISPA - Travis Johnson and Microserv
>We have seen quite a bit of interest in new membership in WISPA lately. 
>I am proud to announce that Travis Johnson has added his name to the 
>list of WISP operators who have joined WISPA. Travis has a very 
>successful operation and I am sure his involvement in WISPA will be 
>valuable to us and to him as well. Please join me in welcoming Travis 
>Johnson and his WISP Microserv. Here is a little background on Travis 
>and Microserv:
>Microserv started as a dial-up ISP in 1994. We began providing wireless 
>service in 1997, DSL service in 2001 and fiber-optic service in 2003. We 
>currently provide fixed wireless service covering 25,000 square miles of 
>southeastern Idaho and have over 3,000 current wireless subscribers. Our 
>entire backbone is wireless with links from 5 miles to 73 miles and 
>using 5.3ghz to 38ghz.
>I designed and installed the entire infrastructure (over 60 operating 
>repeater locations) and continue to service and support them while also 
>running the day to day operations of a company with 25 employees. We are 
>growing at a rate of 60+ wireless customers per month and continue to 
>add new services and features for our existing customers. I am excited 
>to be a member of WISPA and hope to help the organization grow and 
>benefit the industry.
>Travis Johnson, President
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